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Black & Red Groub Painting Exhibition

The Black and Red Group Painting Exhibition took place on the 1st Floor at our shop on the 12th of February, Saturday.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Mayor Andreas Christou. Paintings by Daphne Trimikliniotou, Erotokritos, Polimnia Charalambous, Alexis Vayianos, Despoina Fysentzou, Andreas Morfis, Ioanna Voskou, Stella Michaelidou, Marina Constantinou. A cocktail party followed after the opening of the exhibition. Dressed code: black & red.

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Group Art Exhibition

The group exhibition at “TONIA jewel & art gallery” was inaugurated by the Mayor of Limassol Andreas Christou on Friday 9/12/2011. Mrs. Soula Zavou made an introductory comment on the exhibition on Mrs Tonia’s career so far, and creative spirit on designing jewels. A spectacular exhibition of old and new jewellery by Tonia Theodorou being displayed among fantastic artwork of 19 well-known artists who present their work in an innovative way.


1) Andreas Charalambides
2) Andreas Makariou
3) George Skotinos
4) George Kotsonis
5) George Erotokritos
6) George Yerontides
7) Erimanthos
8) Mary Haviara
9) Ìika Stylianidou
10) Michalis Charalambides
11) Dia Theodorou
12) Socrates Christodoulides
13) Rhea Baileys
14) Christos Potsides
15) Georgia Houry

Printmaker: Hambis Tsangaris

Sculptor: Philippos Yiapanis

Ceramics: Ítinos Michaelides

Constantinos Constantinides

Part of the sales is donated to the Anti-Cancer Society.

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Inauguration of the new renovated shop

Tonia Theodorou on 19th of December inaugurated her new renovated shop. Due to her deep love to the art, has expanded her premises into an art gallery on the first floor as “TONIA jewel & art gallery”. She is known, not only in Limassol, but in all Cyprus for her original and unique handmade jewellery, modern and timeless pieces of her art.

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A two-day jewellery exhibition in a hotel at Limassol

The designer Tonia Theodorou celebrated her 17 years of creation with two days exhibition in a hotel at Limassol. She presented unique pieces of jewellery to her faithful customers and friends.

Η δημιουργός Τώνια Θεοδώρου, ιδιοκτήτρια του γνωστού καταστήματος ΤΟΝΙΑ Jewellery, έλαβε μέρος σε διήμερη έκθεση χειροποίητου κοσμήματος και παρουσίασε για τους πιστούς της πελάτες και φίλους, με την ευκαιρία των 17 χρόνων πορείας της, κατασκευές πρωτότυπων δημιουργιών.

Τα εγκαίνια τέλεσε η Αθηνά Κυριακίδου. Ποσοστά από τις πωλήσεις έχουν δοθεί στο Κ.Υ.Φ.Α (Κέντρο Υποστήριξης Φορείς του Aids)

Στην έκθεση παρουσιάστηκαν αποκλειστικά αυθεντικές δημιουργίες δια χειρός της Τώνιας που περιελάμβαναν άκρως ενδιαφέρουσες προτάσεις από θηλυκά και τέλεια σμιλεμένα κοσμήματα, με δυνατότητα μετάλλαξης ανάλογα με το στιλ και τη διάθεση του καθένα.

Κατά τη διάρκεια της έκθεσης, ο κόσμος είχε τη δυνατότητα να έρθει σ’ επαφή με την φιλοσοφία της δημιουργού και να αντλήσει ιδέεε για τα κοσμήματα της δικής του επιλογής.

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Professional Woman of the year

Since 1992, Tonia Theodorou maintains a jewellery shop in Limassol. Her reputation as a designer is not limited only in our country. She has lodged exhibitions in Cyprus, Europe, USA, and Japan. She has won numerous awards. In 2007 she was awarded with a special award by the Business Women Association.

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Inspiration and design of Jewellery

The mishmash of jewellery design and inspiration in combination with valuable stones can today be considered in the field of Art and Creation. The creations of jewellery are so fine, unique and indeed one of a kind, that have enabled this field to expand so much.

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A Cypriot lady wins Manhattan

For the first time in 2002 Tonia Theodorou had an exhibition in Manhattan representing Cyprus with few other jewellers. She took part of the jewellery exhibition at the biggest exhibition center of New York: Jacob Javits Center at 11th avenue. She was especially happy to be among European, Japanese and American jewellery designers. Tonia and her work were presented by different media like ATV and others. Positive and remarkable comments were written for her innovative work by numerous newspapers. The exhibition hosted 10.000 professional jewellers.

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