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Group Art Exhibition


The group exhibition at “TONIA jewel & art gallery” was inaugurated by the Mayor of Limassol Andreas Christou on Friday 9/12/2011. Mrs. Soula Zavou made an introductory comment on the exhibition on Mrs Tonia’s career so far, and creative spirit on designing jewels. A spectacular exhibition of old and new jewellery by Tonia Theodorou being displayed among fantastic artwork of 19 well-known artists who present their work in an innovative way.


1) Andreas Charalambides
2) Andreas Makariou
3) George Skotinos
4) George Kotsonis
5) George Erotokritos
6) George Yerontides
7) Erimanthos
8) Mary Haviara
9) Ìika Stylianidou
10) Michalis Charalambides
11) Dia Theodorou
12) Socrates Christodoulides
13) Rhea Baileys
14) Christos Potsides
15) Georgia Houry

Printmaker: Hambis Tsangaris

Sculptor: Philippos Yiapanis

Ceramics: Ítinos Michaelides

Constantinos Constantinides

Part of the sales is donated to the Anti-Cancer Society.

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